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About You

Our clients come to us with a range of needs. We’ve listed a few scenarios so you can get an idea whether we are the right people to help you with your needs.

You need help with basic bookkeeping but your files are not organized.

  • We will sort through receipts and files in shopping bags or shoe boxes.

Your business is small but would benefit from the use of accounting software.

  • We will set your books up on our QuickBooks® system.

Your business is growing rapidly, and warrants purchasing your own software.

  • We can advise you on the appropriate software and may be able to help install it and set up your accounts.

You want to learn how to use QuickBooks®.

  • We can train you and answer your questions as they arise.

You need help preparing year end working papers for your accountant.

  • We can prepare year end working papers and are happy to communicate directly with your accountant.

Your CA recommended that you use a bookkeeper.

  • We have several bookkeeping clients that have been referred by their CA.

Our complimentary hour-long consultation helps us both understand which of our services are best suited to your individual needs. Call us today!

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