Job costing and Inventory control

To succeed in business, you need to know which products are producing profits and which are costing you money. While it is necessary to have a good grasp of income and expenses, it is equally important to have a solid understanding of the cost of production of specific products. That’s where we come in! Complete Bookkeeping Services Inc can work with you to set up job costing and inventory control systems and we’ll train you so you can maintain and use them to make better business decisions.

Job costing

  • Costs involved in specific jobs (projects or goods manufactured in discrete batches)
    • Direct and indirect costs
    • Fixed and variable expenses
    • Proportionally distribute overhead costs to jobs
  • Budgeting – estimate and actual

Contractors are an example of businesses that benefit from knowing job costs (material, labour, equipment) particularly when they bid new work.

Inventory control

If you carry inventory, we can train you how to track and manage it.